Summertime (?)

photo credit: hannah busing

No, the living is sadly not easy.
However, summer is happening …right?

The general question seems to be: Is it safe?
Yes? No? Maybe?
What do you mean, you don’t know?

Oh, who cares, let’s go anyway!
So very… YOLO

Winter’s going to be another sequel of Interesting Times, isn’t it?
Oh dear.

photo credit: emily morter

What to do?

‘Escape into literature’ would be one coping mechanism.
So, if you’re at a loss as to what to do with all this ?!? weather and whatever free time you might have: go forth and read.

Find good reading, on here, or elsewhere.
Browse and browse and browse. Online and offline, because bookshops.

If you have a local indie bookstore, drop by and help them out with a good browse, a good question, and a good purchase. Indies live for the whole book experience.

If libraries are more your thing: off to the local library with you. And if physical visits are not possible, check out their digital catalogues (yes, libraries have e-book catalogues).

And then?
Read what you got, hopefully.
Read for fun, read for pleasure, read simply to entertain yourself.

You know what’s coming down the road so, you know, take time for yourself now.

Yes, carpe diem.
These are the times.
Enjoy each day you have.

And with that, it’s off to le summer vacay – or staycation.

However which way, if reading really is your thing: find a good book and read it.
And if you can’t find it: write it!

Don’t give up,
Keep on writing.

Have a good summer

photo credit: ahmed saeed

featured image: denis lesak

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