Twelve Ten, No. 12


Twelve Ten is a first step
an experiment
a playground.
It’s a space to look at
write and talk about
the world we live in
in all its myriad forms.




Editor’s Note



The sun’s out, which is a very good thing in Central Europe,* and more and more people are preparing for their summer holidays, vacays, roadtrips, and staycations – or they’re already on them, thoroughly enjoying their time off. Which is why this edition of Twelve Ten will be a short, short one.**

From Slate magazine to the BBC, here are some suggestions for the non-stop readers among you holiday people: a few essays and a range of podcasts that are bound to keep your mental pantries stocked with food for thought while you’re off gallivanting to Who Knows Where taking a much needed time-out from the stresses of the daily grind.



*Do not anger the Weather Gods here: they have keen ears and reward every ‘It’s so hot!’ and equivalents with copious amounts of rain and thunderstorms. Enjoy the sun and keep shtum is all I say.

** Really: do go outside and enjoy the sun. It’ll be autumn soon enough…




Homo Academicus 2.0

photo credit: thought catalog

For the young and not-so-young readers and writers among you, here’s Rebecca Schuman’s collection of essays at Slate, where she dissects the current problems and predilections of academic life – and points to the larger conundrums of 21st century living. If you’re wondering about at life of writing, this may be something for you.

To open the link, please click on the image.




What a bloody business…

photo credit: brooke lark

Another #QueensOfInfamy piece (yes!). Dallas, Denver, and Dynasty are nothing to this, because, p h e w, medieval royalty are really good at giving Ancient Romans a run for their money in matters of screwball politics, palace intrigue, dumb luck, predictable follies, and the all-out nastiness of ruling families clinging to the throne come hell or high water. Dear me.

To open the link, please click on the image.




Listen. In.

photo credit: wu yi

From the photon to Montesquieu, from the Emancipation of the Serfs to feathered dinosaurs, the BBC In Our Time podcasts get the job done: hosted by Melvyn Bragg and three thoroughly enthusiastic researchers (a different triple for each podcast), In Our Time is the kind of series that keeps you going back for more. No, seriously, if you’re tired of trawling Wikis and Google, blogs, IG accounts, and Twitter for more interesting information, In Our Time should be right up your street. So put on your ‘phones, sit back, start the ‘cast, and listen to people agree, disagree, argue, and converse about almost everything under the sun.

To open the link, please click on the image.




In Brief

We hope you enjoyed our short summer edition. Twelve Ten, No. 13 will be published on
12 October 2018.
We are sad to say that submissions are currently closed. We are unfortunately unable to take on any new manuscripts at present.
Even so: Don’t give up. Keep on writing!
Once submissions are open again, we will be very glad to hear from you.
Your von reuth Team




photo credit: adolpho felix


Featured Image: Fivos Avgerinos


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