The Sun Born Over by j. d. may

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• About the Book • 

All her life, Chicago-born Vay Jones wished for nothing more than to live in Three Oaks, a charming West Country homestead turned artist commune where she spent all her summers. Three Oaks is also the childhood home of Alan Mackenzie, one of Vay’s closest friends.

What started as “just friends” ended up being far more in their teens, until one fateful afternoon separated Alan and Vay completely. Haunted by their summers together ever after, both try their best to move on. Over the years, their paths cross repeatedly, inevitably disrupting their attempts to build adult lives independent from their past. An unexpected encounter finally forces them to reconsider what they know and remember about Three Oaks and each other.

A beautiful novel of how innocence turns into experience, The Sun Born Over is a tale of love and loss that warms and breaks the heart. An unputdownable, wonderful read.


• About the Author 

j. d. may grew up on three different continents and has a degree in English Literature, which, she is happy to say, made her love reading and writing even more. When she isn’t travelling the world, j. d. works in higher education, where she has great discussions about books, life, and coffee. In her free time, j. d. loves to go for long walks, browse in bookshops, and find hidden cafés. The Sun Born Over is j. d. may’s first novel.




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