Twelve Ten, No. 18


Editor’s Note



It’s been a bit bleak lately, hasn’t it?

Day 12 of the new decade and people are already exhausted. With the way things are going, everybody will be ready for bed by the end of the month.

Silver linings seem to be in short supply at the moment…

But: candles can be lit and held up high. One of the many little lights are stories that lighten the mood, make you laugh, get you thinking, and keep you going.

Here are a few to look into when everything at home and abroad just adds to your overall exhaustion.

It’s not always easy, but in 2020 do take the time to relax and unwind.

Until then: Have a good read.



25 of 2019

Longreads is a great place to find essays and non-fiction that will stay with you long after you have read them. Here are Longreads’ 25 Most Popular Exclusives of 2019, which is a great place to start if you don’t know where to start with your good reading.

Longreads: Best for Last


Read This

Literaray Hub, or LitHub, is a space to explore. There’s so much to find for all kinds of readers (and writers) – fiction, non-fiction, essays, articles, interviews across all kinds of subjects and genres – that to try and condense LitHub to One Thing would do readers (and writers) a disservice. So click on the link below and find out what’s happening in the world of books, writing, and telling stories. Enjoy!

LitHub: Next on The To-Read-List

One for the Writers

Alexander Chee is one of those writers who makes other writers want to write. Far from making it look easy, Chee shows through diligent honing and excellent practice of his craft just how rewarding making a sustained effort really is. “Half-Korean, All Queer” as he describes himself, Chee is the author of Edinburgh and The Queen of the Night, both novels, as well as a book of essays, How To Write An Autobiographical Novel. How To Write An Autobiographical Novel caused quite a stir all through 2018, making 2019 a year when Alexander Chee became a household name in many writing spheres.

Next to being a full-time writer and essayist, Chee has also been teaching creative writing since 1996, participating in countless Q&As regarding writing as art and craft. In this piece, Chee has wise words of advice for fellow writers who don’t want to (or just can’t) give up and so keep on writing in this deeply complex world of ours.

Alexander Chee: Three Questions


In Brief
We hope you enjoyed our short and hopefully sweet eighteenth edition. Twelve Ten, No. 19 will be published on
12 April 2020.
We are sad to say that submissions are currently closed. We are unfortunately unable to take on any new manuscripts at present.
Even so: Don’t give up. Keep on writing!
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