photo credit: emily morter

Lot’s of things to think about, hardly 2 weeks into 2021 (2020 one or 2020 won?) as we are.

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Especially when ‘Happy’ seems a bit… optimistic?

Mulling over what one can write and what can be written, especially with so many think pieces, hot takes, essays, interviews, articles, opinion pieces, tweets, snaps, posts, chats – so many words and images – trying to encapsulate an avalanche of historic moments.

They just keep on coming, don’t they?

Momentous things keep on happening non-stop, while we’re all, collectively, living through one world-changing historic moment called the Pandemic…


photo credit: marianne bos

So, what to write?
Another piece about how crazy-awful everything is? Something hopeful maybe, that may sound a bit forced? Something completely random that makes no sense at all? Or just a little something, not much in fact, simply to keep the writing muscles working, the creative juices flowing?

A little something it is.
Super-short because [waves arms around].
See it as a reminder to take your time to do something for yourself, just for the joy of it.
No matter how small.

Because with the way things are going, joy is something we will have to learn how to cultivate.

Small joys, little happiness-es, moments of quiet bliss. They may be fleeting. They’ll probably only last a minute, an hour, half a day or until you read that post, check that feed… But these are moments we will need to gather like pebbles on a beach, collecting them in preposterous jars of joy; reminders that no matter what, there’s still something there to be happy about, to really like, to genuinely enjoy.

So, have a good 2021 (fingers crossed).

And of course:
Don’t give up,
Keep on writing.


photo credit: annie spratt

featured image: matthew brodeur

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