Spooky Season


What can one write these days?

What can be said with words when everything changes before you even typed the first sentence? Where to start, where to begin? It’s all happening all at once, all the time, and there is no end in sight…


Hasn’t everything always happened all at once? After all, the time-lapse we know as ‘normal’ is a matter of access. That slow pace, it existed because we couldn’t communicate in real time until now. Instant on the ground information for billions of people was simply not possible. No one had open windows to our minds at all times.

And now it’s as if the whole planet was in the same waiting room for centuries, unaware of each other, separated in silence… And then the great moderator called Life clicked everyone in, all the screens flashed on, and all the little windows popped open to 20/20 vision: Everything all at once, all the time, in your face and in high definition.

As if someone turned up the dial on the sound of existence, sharpened the lens on everything living, here we are: the human condition in all its terror and nonsense, its moments of great beauty, its seconds of the sublime.

So what now? A difficult question. So much seems in limbo. So many are waiting to exhale. And there’s always words and writing. Even if it’s just a little bit, even if it’s just a few sentences at a time. So:

Don’t give up,
Keep on writing.
~ VR


Yes, it’s happening: Submissions are open.
If you have questions or queries – or both – send us your writing at

info [at] vonreuth [dot] com

Essays, Short Stories and Poems are highly welcomed. Topics can range from the personal to the particular, from the small moments of everyday existence to the very stuff of life.

For further information please consider our submissions page.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Your von reuth team

Featured Image: Beth Teutschmann

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