Gone Fishing

photo credit: valentin chretien


A Time and a Place


The time is Now
the place is Elsewhere
as in, Not Here.


It’s July

And here at VR we are taking a small break from it all
To rest, recuperate, and prepare for the colder months because

Winter is coming…


But there is still time till then
Which is why we’re all Out-of-Office right now.




Recs, please!


If, however, you really, truly, absolutely need a reading rec for the summer, here are two platforms that are always worth a check:


photo credit: freestocks.org

Lit Hub

The Literary Hub is a repository of articles, reviews, essays and more for every reader: from literary to popular, genre to crime fiction, Lit Hub is a source for all kinds of discussions, conversations, arguments and ideas. It’s also a great place to gather inspiration if you’re stuck in a rut, writing-wise.



A quieter, more thoughtful reading corner, where longform essays about contemporary issues can be found. With so much happening at the moment everywhere and all the time, Longreads can be a welcome ‘slowing-down’ of all the yelling and chatter…



photo credit: roman kraft


Life’s not easy for many of us these days.

Even so, try to take the time to do something you genuinely enjoy.
It may seem impossible given the state of things… it is still worth a try.


Don’t give up,
Keep on writing.


photo credit: pineapple supply
~ Featured Image: Roberto Nickson ~

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