stories told

There are many ways to embark on a journey.


Some get up and walk out of the door, never to be seen again.
All that is known of them are rumours whispered and stories told.


Others plan and strategise, consult maps and travelogues, make sure to know all the best places to rest and recuperate – and then they don’t go at all. Simply planning the whole trip was excitement enough.


Others still take the other lane at the fork in the road. Why? They felt like it and wanted to see what would happen next; or they just hop onto the next boat, destination: anywhere.


And finally there are those who seek adventure all on their own, followed closely by those to whom adventure comes easily, like a close, chaotic friend.


There are so many ways to start a journey, to write and finish a story, and each one is unique. There will be similarities – love story, coming of age, family history, state of play – but one shouldn’t really worry about those. We are humans after all, with heads and hearts, arms, legs, and everything else in between. Some things are hard to change.




It’s incredible isn’t it, how, with relatively few signs and sounds, we, as humans, are able to create universe upon universe, simply for our own joy and pleasure.


So, don’t give up.
Keep on writing, keep on trying.
It’s all there, waiting to be written, read and known.


Love the signs.
Love the sound.


Have a great weekend




Image source and featured image: unsplash

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