Everything All At Once

photo credit: guzman barquin

It’s always been like this.
Everything has always happened all at once.

The new part is that now we, the species, are aware of it.
We have devices that allow us to witness the everythingness of everything, the allness of all at once.
Unsurprisingly, it’s exhausting. Harrowing. Traumatizing. Rage-inducing.
With sparks of joy and wonder flashing in between.

“What should I think about?” you ask. “What should we focus on?” you wonder.
“What’s the important thing right at this moment?” – oh wait, the moment is gone.

Everything is very fast
All at once fills a lot of space.
We’ve warped into a kind of super-speed without being prepared for it, and now everyone’s playing catch-up.

photo credit: ian taylor

What happened to Who? When did this happen and Where? Are you sure? Really? Absolutely? Show me your sources… And anyway, why is this important to XYZ, me included? – This times 100 all day every day.

And with how addictive our digital devices clearly are, keeping up is nigh impossible.
What to do, then?

Put the device away.

Take time off.
Hopefully, you actually can. Times are tough all round.
(If you can’t, do find snippets of downtime as best as possible…)

photo credit: kadir celep

It’s summer.
Vacay or Staycay – whatever you prefer (or can make happen).
Either way: take a timeout to live IRL. See the sites, taste the food, drink the drinks, and enjoy the sunny weather. And if you have the mental time and social space to do it: maybe read a good book as well.

As for the writers among you, you know what to do:
Don’t give up
Keep on writing.
~ VR

photo credit: braden collum


Featured Image: Antonella Vilardo

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